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dumplings are part of all worldwide cuisines - be it chinese dim sum, italian tortellini, indian samosas, or russian piroggi.

we have been inspired by the traditional recipes and have created our very own, damn good balls (as we call them) giving them a new homebase in vienna.

we only use the freshest, natural, mainly regional ingredients and produce everything home-made in our manufactory in the 16th district.

some balls have already reached a strong fan base and are now part of our signature base portfolio. however we also focus on seasonal specials and create limited editions depending on what's freshly available on the market. from mouth-watering pork belly to delicious vegan balls - we offer a great variety for every taste.

come over and grab your balls!

Ballroom damn good dumplings logo und dumplings
ballroom damn good dumplings in bambus basket korb
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